Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Here We Are: Again!

Well here we are again, nearly 4 months since our last post. It is November again, meaning it is time for NaBloPoMo which we are trying again. Because it would be impossible to catch up since July, (and, honestly, anyone who reads this talks to us anyway) I am going to just jump into November and not worry about playing catch up.
For halloween, we dressed up as a couple from the movie The Stepford Wives.

We had a great time at a couple different parties. 
We also carved pumpkins with my family. David's is the Cyclops and mine is the simple smiley one. 

David also carved a couple other pumpkins that turned out great. Even our goldfish got in on the action. 


  1. Ahahaha oh my goodness the goldfish are awesome.

  2. I made the skirt in my sewing class last year. :)

  3. Haha, I love the fish ones! You guys are so cute!

  4. Hey! I do read your blog, but don't actually talk to you. But I'm not a crazy stalker person...promise! So keep the posts coming. I like following along in your life. Especially the gold fish! Super Cute!