Saturday, November 26, 2011


Thanksgiving is a success.

I personally declare it.

We ate stuffing and turkey until we waddled. We had a salad that was to die for. Potatoes and yams came out our nose. I think I ate an entire pie.

We played with cousins and talked with grandparents. We saw Christmas lights and braved stores on Friday morning. We didn't get annoyed at the Christmas music playing in stores. It is Christmas time.

We are putting up our tree next week. The semester is winding down. Christmas classics are on t.v. again and you can bet I'll be watching Rudolf.

For me, Christmas is about tradition. It's about gathering with family and thinking outside yourself. It's about lights and trees and nativity scenes.

Now if we can just get through finals it will really be Christmas time!

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  1. AND...S U C C E S S you are almost there; four more days to go..we are making it!! WOOT WOOT hehe i randomly chose you on the NaBloPoMo list..great to meet you! :0)