Monday, November 7, 2011

Missing Florida

Maybe it is just the weather turning cold, or the fact that school is getting stressful, but all I have wanted to do for the last couple weeks was go back to Florida.
I guess we didn't blog about our trip; but we did go. We were able to spend a week in August in Clearwater, Florida in a condo on the beach. It was fantastic, of course. (as was the view)
I miss the rainstorms, where the puddles are weirdly warm and you can't help but enjoy yourself even if you are soaking wet. 

Sunshine Skyway in the rain
 I miss the big clouds, big sky, green everywhere.

I miss having adventures all the time, trying to figure out what we were doing. I miss hearing David suddenly remember the names of the people who live on whatever street and have strange stories about these people.
I miss the wonderful people that have made such an impact on David and through him, my own life. Hearing their stories and meeting them. I never realized I could miss people I only knew for a few hours.

I miss swimming for the first time in the ocean. Feeling the sand rush away with the waves under my feet. 
Watching the beach tractor come out and comb the sand in the morning, clearing away the seaweed and trash, keeping things beautiful. 
I miss being alone in a crowd, just one of many, but totally content watching everyone who is so different than I am. 
I miss the sunsets, walking on the beach, watching the sky change colors, the lights come on, and the birds settle down. 

 All I can say is that I hope we are able to go back to Florida again. (soon)

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  1. aw,Ive been to flordia once...its beautiful! just found you from LMM on facebook... wanted to say hi!