Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motorist,

I have a simple request, don't be stupid. That's right, another complaint about driving, walking, or biking around BYU. I'll start with the pedestrians. Remember when your parents taught you how to cross the street? Stop. Look both ways. Listen. Note the order on that, when you come to a road stop first. Then look to see if any cars are coming, then listen for anything that might be coming that you didn't notice at first. I don't know how many times I've seen pedestrian come to a crosswalk and without hesitation blow through the street on their phone or listening to their iPod. I know you have the right of way, but if a car hits you it'll still hurt.
Cyclists, two things. First, you know those things in front of you when you ride, they're called handlebars, use them. I don't care if your hands are cold, they should not be in your pockets. You wouldn't drive without a steering wheel, don't ride without using your handlebars. Second, when riding after dark use lights. Not only is it stupid if you don't, you're breaking the law.
Finally motorists, you know those red octagons that you keep seeing in the streets? They're called stop signs; you're supposed to stop at them, even if you think there is no one coming. By stop, I mean really stop, none of this rolling stop action. Also, when turning right at a red light stop, look for pedestrians and oncoming traffic then, and only then, go. Just last week I saw a car hit someone crossing the street because the driver didn't stop when turning right on red.
I've seen far too many accidents around campus this semester. Cyclists hitting pedestrians, cars hitting pedestrians, pedestrians running in front of cars and bikes. It needs to stop. So please, I beg of you, don't be stupid.

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