Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

That's right, It's back. Awkward and awesome. Are you excited? Good, we are too.


Getting into a debate in the grocery store with a random lady about the usefulness of the 1.25 liter bottles of Coke.

Trying to set up your best friend with someone. Lets just say it involved a random pizza and breadsticks in the HFAC and 5 minutes... pure awkwardness.

Realizing a total lack of any gender clues on my other blog made people think I was a woman.

Taking a 15 minute nap before class only to wake up almost 2 hours later.

Work... enough said.


We're LIVE!

Getting the passwords at work we've been trying to get for a year.

Discovering the show Psych... its a great one.

Interiors teacher did not hate Jamie's floor plan... like he does pretty much everyones.

Crazybread. YUM!

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