Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Music

Well, it is after Thanksgiving, so I can't get away with being a grump about people playing Christmas music. I really do love it, but after a month of the same songs, I get tired of it. So, I wait until my month of loving it can fully cover Christmas.
The only acceptable way to have Christmas music before Thanksgiving is when it is a choir/piano/etc. recital/performance piece. You need more than just the month before to practice. So those who practice earlier, go for it. And good luck.
I love finding new Christmas music/artists, so I am going to share some of my favorites, and hope that you will comment with some of your favorites. (Please?)

Carpenters Christmas: I grew up listening to this, so nothing says Christmas time! like this does for me. I think that they are a classic.
Michele McLaughlin: I discovered her last year on Pandora and ended up creating a station there based on her music. Fantastic solo piano.
Trans-Siberian Orchestra: I got a couple of their albums a couple years ago and love both of them. The words are surprisingly tender and contrast a bit with the style of music. I have The Lost Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve and Other Stories. Both albums are great, and quite different from traditional Christmas music.
George Winston: Another pandora discovery
Mannheim steamroller: some strange stuff, but it is good and it is a classic.
Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Always good.
Michael Buble Christmas
These are just the ones that I can think of that I love. I will comment if I think of any more.
What are your favorite Christmas albums/artists?


  1. Mindy Gledhill! She is awesome.

  2. I love Celine Dion and Amy Grant. They both have awesome Christmas cds.

  3. The Carpenters hands down. They have always been my favorite. And I reeeaaally want to get the Michael Buble CD. We'll see. :)