Friday, November 4, 2011

How I got free cookies

So, last night after a long and tedious work meeting, I went to the class that I T.A. for. Upon sitting down, my professor said, "David! I tried to make those cookies that Jamie made for C. Jane and I couldn't find a spice cake mix!"

I was puzzled. I've been to the store twice this week and have seen spice cake mix in both stores. One of them was the BYU creamery. That store has nothing but cheese and ice cream... not then again,  I'm complaining; I like those things. When I told her that I had seen them at the creamery, my professor was shocked.

"If I gave you money would you get me some?"

Umm... yes?

So she hands me some money. I finish up a quick email and I start to leave.


Umm... yes?

"If I gave you more money would you get something for the class too? I figure since you're a T.A. and not a personal assistant, if you're going to get something for me that you should get something for the class too, to make it legitimate."

Umm... yes?

Mmmm... Goooooood cooooookies!

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