Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some new favorite toys

Vacuum: This is our wonderful vacuum. It really really sucks, just like any vacuum should. (Sorry, I couldn't resist using that)
Chairs: Finally! We got chairs and they are great. Easy to put together and nice looking.
Delilah: This is our apple peeler corer slicer. We named her Delilah because calling it an apple peeler corer slicer is quite a mouthful.
Pans: This set has a good mix of sizes and types of pans. They also hold heat very well.
Knives: Fantastic. Very sharp and easy to use.
Lil: BEST INVESTMENT EVER! She travels between rooms with us and is nearly always on.
THE BEAST: This is the most beastly rice cooker that we've ever seen. I'm pretty sure it even has a cure cancer button on it.
The Food Processor of Death: It slices. It dices. It grates everything from a block of cheese to your hand in under 5 seconds.
Bobby's TV: Thanks to David's old roommate and AMAZING friend for this super awesome gift!
Apple Remote: David has always wanted one of these things. It works great when we use his Mac to watch movies.


  1. What is best investment ever?

  2. That what i want to know. What the heck is Lil? a pet? or an actual device? :/

  3. Lil is a small fan.Sorry, I thought that I put that on there.