Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interior Design and other such time consuming practices

As a participant in a 'design in the home' class, I am suddenly responsible for a (fake, unfortunately) condo and it's layout/design. Because of what I am learning, I have tackled the task of convincing my parents to update their basement. (original design: 1970s) It is harder to make someone that is not me agree with what I like. They have their own ideas (how dare they) on what they want in their house. I do enjoy the process and love researching ideas and looking at how other people have designed their spaces.

All that being said, I do think that interior design can be a bit of a... joke? It is more personal taste and new ideas than anything else.
The practice I am getting through this project and the condo design is great. I guess I am just loving the design/architecture aspect of it all. That is what I wanted to study at school, but BYU doesn't have a program. Oh well. Maybe someday I will be able to learn the drafting/architecture that I really want to do.

(P.S. my sister just asked: Did it ever occur to you how strange elephants are?)


  1. PST!!! There are drafting classes you can take through the theatre dept!! You can scoot around BYU not having a real program and create your own :)

  2. It is amazing to me how many things I'm finding out I have in common with you and David. I love writing, as does he. And now I learn you are interested in drafting. I'm supposed to be drafting up a remodel right now, but I just had to check my email first. Then my blogs. And now I'm here!

    Better get back to work!

    P.S. I love drafting!