Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Having to turn the water off to a house you don't live in at 10:30 pm, apologizing to the basement dwellers we barely know.
Getting pranked by a co-worker giving a phone number to a rather... unsavory... 1-800 number.
Getting checked out by 6-7 middle aged men walking home from Spin class
Seriously wondering if the guy who works the counter at work ever leaves.
The jokes you get to make when you buy 10 cubic feet of steer manure.
The idea of showing our apartment to people. Here guys, lets look at all my stuff in my terribly messy closet!
Thinking that you are going to be caught peeking in  the windows of the house we are renting starting next month.

Done with spin, almost done with the others
New house
The Hose Pipe has ceased to explode
Orem Summerfest
Getting a washer and dryer with our new place!
12x30' garden space