Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We fell off the blogging bandwagon. Your regularly scheduled randomness will resume (hopefully) within the next couple days. I got sick, worked this weekend, and David is having major computer drama...Basically we forgot a couple days. Oops.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

On my mind

11:31am- An empty cookie jar is a sad thing.
11:36am- Does it still count as playing with your food if it isn't cooked yet?
12:35pm- Why do I need to go to marriage prep? I am already married!
1:15pm- Why is it so cold?
1:21pm- Woah! that leaf has been up in the air for the whole time this light has been green! (it promptly falls and gets run over by a car.)
4:01pm- My tongue is cold... and red. Yay for celebratory slurpees!
5:47pm- Tantrums are fun. Especially yelling flailing "I DON'T WANT TO STUDY" tantrums. Until my wedding ring hits David in the face. Then he isn't having as much fun. I don't think it bled....
5:52pm- Does beer taste anything like root beer?
6:40pm- Why does my thumb hurt?
7:03pm- Hungry hungry JAMIE! Ah! food!!!! please?
7:05pm- David loves me. He is making Macaroni and Cheese for dinner even though he doesn't like it. Aww, cute.
7:17pm- I don't need school.... Too bad that is a lie...
9:00pm- The cookie jar will be full before I go to bed :) Peanut butter cookies in the oven.

Today I am: A kitchen dancer. A user of the little bowls, just because. A neglectful student. A cheese eater. A dishwasher. Feeling better. Tired of (and because of) textiles. (I dreamed about fabric types). A tantrum-er. A fishy watcher. Hungry. Bored of studying. Ready to move on from College.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Isn't Wednesday a weird day? The "hump day" of the week. You're no closer to the weekend than you are to the week beginning. I remember a time when I could not spell Wednesday to save my life. I broke down during a first grade spelling test and the teacher ended up giving me full points... It would probably be more correct to say that my substitute teacher gave me full points. If I'm remembering clearly my actual teacher had a baby about 2 months into school and I had a substitute for the remainder of the semester. I do remember, however, throwing a party for myteacher when she came back. I made a banner on the computer that read "Welcome Back Mrs. Hummel!" It included what I thought were girl bunnies on the side. They were not baby bunnies. They were Playboy Bunnies. It's a good thing my mom caught that before I printed it off. Ahh the confusion of Wednesdays.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We cleaned the fishbowl today. Boring, yes. Needed, YES. Poor little Hiccup was getting more and more sluggish as his water became more and more sludgy. Today was the day! He is now swimming happily in his clean bowl with new water and clean gravel.

Fish in waiting.
Happy in a clean bowl!

Monday, November 8, 2010


I don't feel good. Haven't all day. David is out of ideas, as am I. I need to fold laundry. Correction. We need to fold laundry. We just ate milkshakes. Is 10:00 too early to go to bed? Ramble ramble ramble Blah. We call our geranium the Alien. I am not sure why. I can see 13 bottles of Coke from where I am sitting. I'm afraid this is as good of a post as you are going to get today. At least it is something right?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mormon Media Studies Symposium

As a requirement for one of my classes I have to go to the Mormon Media Studies Symposium on BYU campus this weekend. At first I was only happy because I didn't have to go to class this week in order to make time for going to the symposium. However, after looking at the schedule and doing some research on the speakers and the program I am getting excited. They are covering every topic from Mommy blogs to Internet safety to media coverage of Mormons and prop 8. It's like a dream come true.

The coolest thing about this event may have already been discovered. One of the speakers, Larry Richman, is the author of www.ldsmediatalk.com. This site is awesome. Pretty much everything that anyone would ever want to know about LDS media or the LDS church in the media or really media in general is on this site. My favorite feature is the search by category feature located on the righthand side of the screen in a pull down menu. Richman has categories like: "Family-Friendly Content" and "Internet Statistics" to "Social Media" and "Websites and Blogs of Interest". This guy has done his research. You need to check it out. I'm excited to meet him this week and ask him a few questions in his panel discussion.

What I am most excited about the Mormon Media Studies, however, is the call for papers. Each year they select papers from grad students, undergrad students, professors, and people from all around the country to present at this symposium. Next year I want to submit a paper or two. I'm thinking that with how much blogging to referenced in this years symposium I will be a lead candidate for my paper on blogging I'm currently writing. I'm pretty excited. The next call for papers isn't until the end of next summer, so I have some time. We'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Date weekend

The last couple days have been date days. I had a work meeting a couple hours before class on Friday, so we had some free time after that before classes. We went to the campus Art museum and saw a few really cool exhibits there. After classes, before a group presentation meeting of mine, we had 2 hours to kill, so we went bowling. David is cute. I won.

Neither of us did terribly well (as you can see) but we had a lot of fun.
Today, I took the night off work, so we could have a fun evening without worrying about me being tired and getting back on time. We went to Olive Garden for dinner, which was excellent. Our server was really funny and the food was good, even though there was a 45 minute wait. After dinner, we got a movie from Redbox to watch later.
We went to this great place that I got a gift card to (thanks Cami!) for dessert. It is called The Chocolate and it is in an old house. They are a dessert cafe. The house was an awesome design for the business. There were lots of little tables and couches tucked all over both floors. We ended up in a back corner by a window, halfway hidden from everyone else. Their prices are reasonable; excellent if compared to typical restaurant pricing. They have cakes, cookies, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, and this glorious thing called a Cazookie. You pick 2 kinds of cookie dough off a list, and they put each in half a (best guess) 6" pan and bake it until the edges are getting crispy, but the middle is gooey and warm. Then they put a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. So. Good. Hot cookie, melty ice cream, basically awesome. We got peanut butter and chocolate chip, both of which were excellent.

The Carnage
We also got a cupcake each, and we are excited to try them. We highly recommend The Chocolate for a fun place for some really good dessert.
Overall, it has been a great couple of days and I am VERY excited to not be at work right now.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So, I get home from class tonight to Jamie fearing her worst enemy: rice. She HATES making rice. Now, this isn't a "Oh, rice is mean" kind of a feeling. This is a "Rice is the worst thing ever to have been concocted. I just can't cook it" kind of a feeling. Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE Jamie's cooking. She is a fantastic cook.

I cook this rice in this family.

I'm not complaining. I like cooking rice. But I think we found out the reason why Jamie has a hard time with rice. She's afraid of it. Take this for example.

She was so worried that the le creuset was going to burst into a billion balls of fire full of burning rice balls of doom. I swear mutant zombies from mars would have frightened her less.

EDIT: I forgot to give her hair. I know.

EDIT: And no, Jamie's not that short.

EDIT: And it's a grey shirt.

EDIT: Don't make fun of my artistic abilities.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Amazing, Super, Fantastic, Beautiful Food Processor of Death

So, this is David. I figure that Jamie posts all the time and I am supposed to be helping out with this whole maintaining the blog thing. (Side note, I feel like I just referred to our blog as some sort of a pet. Just saying).

Today, I'm going to talk about one of our favorite wedding gifts. The Amazing, Super, Fantastic, Beautiful Food Processor of Death. This thing is a beast. Capacity: 11 cups. It comes with a knife, bread kneader, slicer, and a grater. It has numerable safety features that keep you from chopping your hand off. I secretly suspect that it could throw the earth's orbit if left on too long. AND I'm pretty sure that if we transfered the engine to our car the our car would go faster. The best part: it can grate 2.5 pounds of cheese in about 30 seconds. Here is a short demonstration. (Notice the safety features in action.)
In more serious news my current projects are taking up too much of my time. I'm working on two research papers for classes. One of them on early anti-Mormon film. The second one on self representation in blogging. I'm also in the preproduction stages of filming a documentary on technology and being connected and I'm editing another documentary on The Sacred Grove. To top it off my computer is on the fritz and we're waiting on parts to get here so we can fix it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A head start on Pies

Today, I decided to make an apple pie. Now, pies are great and all, but they are a lot of food for 2 people to eat. (not that we mind eating lots of pie...) So, we invited some friends and family over for pie. We had Cassy (David's sister), Jeremy(David's brother), Rachel(Jeremy's wife), Emily (our niece), Bobby (Friend), and Cambria (friend and matchmaker). Emily showed off how smart she is, and played with the stereo and finger puppets. She also enjoyed looking at our fish. The pie turned out good, and talking with everyone was great.

Monday, November 1, 2010


David loves carving pumpkins. I enjoy it, but being allergic to them makes the whole experience a little.... itchy. David says that he tries to make his pumpkin more elaborate than Jeremy's every year. We went over to my family's house to do pumpkins the Monday before Halloween. David carved Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. I had a pumpkin with a wonky stem, So I just made a goofy face. (Sorry, these pictures are off my phone)

On Friday, David carved another pumpkin for our ward party's contest. It was spectacular! He took this...

Added this mess...
And This... (yes that is pumpkin on our ceiling...)

And... well, I just thought he looked cute after making his pumpkin.

He made This!

People loved it at the ward party, (well, those who could figure out what it was.. "It is a... Mom and a dad! and the baby is..... uhh... somewhere" No babies were involved in this pumpkin.)

I had to work both Friday and Saturday night, so we went to a couple parties, but were home by 9 each night. Sunday we had dinner with my family, then went home and watched the Charlie Brown Halloween Special. I hadn't seen it before and really liked it.