Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!


  • Waking up during a rumba scene in a strange Italian movie
  • Getting "subtly" kicked in the back of the chair during class after dozing off
 ( I sense a lack of sleep theme going on here...) 
    • That girl wearing Capri's and Ugg boots. Winter, meet summer…
    • Having to tell your presentation partner that the time is up when she is totally absorbed in what she is saying. *whisper* "hey, time is up. *name* we are out of time." *give helpless look to teacher, who just interrupts and says "your time is up" "right now?" "yes, right now" "It is all gone? There isn't anymore? Not even a little?" "Nope, it is all gone"
    • Creepy men asking for the time at 5:20 in the morning after dropping Jamie off at work
    • Walking into a cancelled to find nearly everyone else there. (awkward for the teacher who sent the apology email to the wrong class, and realized her mistake 7 minutes before class started.)

    • Getting 1/2 scholarship for spring/summer
    • Valentines day- out to dinner and pretty flowers.
    • 3-day weekend in California!! No snow! Hooray!
    • Thursday's long class getting cancelled so that David could come home at 5 instead of 9! 
    • Boudin's Bread. Carried through airport security and lovingly frozen until lunchtime today when the electric knife got a workout and sawed off a couple pieces. yum.
    • Plants vs. Zombies. A discovery made during airplane boredom. Hooray for the games that come with laptops!

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day. A day that meant nothing to me two years ago... and in all honesty does not mean much except an excuse to go party with my wife. :D

    But today was a good day. A great Valentine's Day. When the alarm went off at 4 AM I felt like breaking it. So did Jamie. We drug our feet out the door and Jamie made it to work. Then the fun began.

    I picked up flowers for Jamie and the store even at 5 AM was swarming with men. It was riotous looking at all the guys perusing down the floral department and candy aisle looking for that perfect something for their others of significance. I checked out and went home. 

    Normally by 8 when I am off to work or class I feel horrible. I'm tired, cranky, and annoyed by all the Provo drivers and pedestrians jumping in front of me. Today I was not. If I had a radio in the car I would have cranked it up. I found parking as close to work as I could. I finally got the files for the site I'm working on. I made major headway on the videos of both The Sacred Grove and the E. B. Grandin building. It was fantastic.

    Moving on. Presentation in class. Test for Jamie. Which... she nailed. 89% on her test (160 questions, 19 pages, completely filled a bubble-sheet... I know, right?). 

    So we went home to celebrate. Jamie saw the flowers and said (and I quote), "OooooOoo, Pretty." When we got home we found out that I've got a half tuition scholarship for Spring/Summer (I'm not sure if I'm going, but I may end up taking a couple fun classes). 

    We enjoyed Brick Oven for dinner (thanks Grandma and Boppie!) And now we're off to bed. This became much longer that it should have. So to finish it off Jamie would like everyone to know "It's bedtime... mugwump."

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Awkward and Awesome... Friday

    The fifteen minute conversation we had about cleavage in a class of mine (David)
    That weird little dance when you think that someone is going to walk past you on one side and they are really going the other way
    The weird accents my professor uses when she is talking about anywhere else other than the U.S.
    Guys who put their socked feet on the chair next to you
    Realizing that the cookies you made for your friends are pretty much gone
    Going to a singles ward as a married couple because our ward building flooded. 

    Finding Nemo fruit snacks on sale

    Getting the last batch of butterscotch brownies
    A class cancelled for the week
    Realizing that since most of the cookies are gone, there aren't enough to give away, so you get to finish them off
    Discovering the show Firefly
    Getting a ride home on the day that David is in class ALL DAY

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    Sunday, February 6, 2011


    Our cookies turned out! They are cute AND tasty!
    (No matter what I do, this picture will not rotate in Blogger)

    Saturday, February 5, 2011


    It is a Saturday night, and we are sitting at home, each on our own computer. Alone, but still together. I love it. I am comfortable here, with the coats and sweaters on the couch, the papers on the trunk.
    With the grocery bags still on the table because we were too excited to start making cookies to finish putting the groceries away.
     The mid-project mess. We are trying a new recipe for sugar cookies and they smell wonderful. (Find the recipe here. We are going to try glazing them with the recipe here.