Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear World

Dear World,

How about we not have to run up to Orem to help replace a hot water tank at Jamie's parents next week? How about you not make me (David) do homework all day for a midterm? How about we not have a refrigerator water line break and flood Jamie's parents' kitchen? How about we have BYU win (not that I'm worried... we're up 21 before the half)?

Oh, if you haven't noticed... Jamie redesigned our blog! Isn't it beautiful? We're trying to put social media buttons so you can talk about us and stuff... but we're still working on it.

today we also went to Jamie's sister's swim meet. She did way good, took a couple seconds off her time. Good work kiddo!

Jamie and I got a new toy today... a steamer. It's pretty much magical. Jamie has been using it all afternoon.

A few days ago I asked Facebook what would happen if you could eat yourself: Would you double in size or disappear? What do you think?

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