Sunday, November 6, 2011

Root Beer Floats

Jamie is doing a rendering on her dream basement (and by that I mean her parents' basement redone)... it may not be her dream, but she's enjoying it.

She told me I need to blog. I'm blogging. There is a root beer float waiting for me when I finish.

We had stake conference today. We learned that you need to be willing to kill for the scriptures. AND that we need to keep them (Scriptures, not the dead guy) on a cookie sheet in the kitchen... why in the kitchen? I don't know. Why a cookie sheet? Ummm... probably so we can feast upon the word... right?

I helped Kellbert design and fix a 3D model of an animal cell and a plant cell. It's a lot better than the one I did on bread (teacher's idea) for Biology 1 class in High School. It's pretty epic.

I'm going to get a root beer float now.

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