Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I have had an oddly hard time remembering to get Christmas stuff going at the beginning of December since I started college. I will finish finals, and realize that I have NO idea what to get anyone for Christmas. I just get distracted with finals. This year, with David's help, we have figured out what we are getting most everyone. (hooray!) The only problem with this is that the only ones we haven't figured it out for are really hard to pick/think of something for.
The more time I spend living not with my family, the harder it is to find gifts that I know that they will love. It is kind of hit or miss depending on the person and the year. Either way, they get a thoughtful gift or a way cool one that they will like, but isn't so "thoughtful".
And, I am totally stumped on what to get David. Eek!

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