Friday, November 11, 2011


At 11:11 I was in my sewing class, working on the hem for a shirt for David. Everyone in class had spent the previous 15 minutes discussing 11:11 and what they were going to do at that time. 11:11 came and went, and nobody did anything. They looked at the clock at 11:15, disappointed they had missed it. Luckily, there is an 11:11 PM, so they have one more chance. (sidenote: we were married at 11:11, but not on 11/11/11 (obviously). Not intentional, but cool anyway.)
People are talking about the 'ultimate wish making time' with all the ones. I can't think of what my wish(es) would be. I guess most of mine are just hopes.
I hope that everything goes as planned and David can go to grad school where he wants and do exactly what he wants to do.
I hope that we can have a happy, successful family.
I hope that I can student teach (in a year) without having a nervous breakdown. (the thought of doing it terrifies me, even a year in advance.)
I hope David can find a job he loves while he waits for me to graduate.
The list goes on and on. Is hoping just another way of worrying? It feels the same sometimes.

What are your wishes on 11/11/11?

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