Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Wow it is Thursday again! This just keeps happening. I have all these good ideas on things to post about, but I just get busy. Weird. Well, we here are our awkward and awesome experiences from this week!

In a tiny bathroom on campus, there are 3 girls standing just inside, talking. I ask if they are waiting, and they say no, it’s all open. They are talking, one is telling a very long, involved story about a dog who was hit by a car. And then I’m done, as are the other 2 people actually using the bathroom. We have to weave through them to the sink and they are just standing there and we are all trapped by these 3 girls in front of the door who all slowly 
walk out while we are all trying to leave.
A man putting on makeup in a bathroom on campus.
My male nutrition teacher teaching the 'Mothers and Infants' chapter. 
The girl in my Interiors class who took an hour to eat a pack of corn nuts. She would bite each one in half and chomp it slowly. loudly. So very, very, loudly. 

Waking up and looking out the window and realizing how green the grass has gotten lately.
Creamy Chicken Taquitos
Getting the hinge replaced on our kitchen cabinet that randomly snapped while making dinner last Friday.
School is almost out! Only one more Thursday of school!
The trees are starting to look less dead.
No jacket at school (I carried it around all day)

Have a great week!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome... Friday!

Guy totally freaking out when another guy passed the roll to him (startled, he dropped his pen and his phone)

"All I ever hear is crickets. And I talk to cats. Meow" At the meow, (it was loud) a guy in front of this one turned around and gave him a weird look

Professor wearing a Scooby Doo shirt, jeans and a hoodie

Getting picked on in sociology because of a different view on mommy blogs.

David witnessed someone brushing, flossing, and rinsing while urinating

Having the people behind you in the Marriott center soaking wet and shake all the water down on you.

The strange smell of wet wool


This Article

Best text to get at 5:04 AM: " You don't need to come in anymore. Fyi. We have a new person."

Finally starting (fully) the new job with David as a copyright manager.

Best Email:
To facilitate transcendence through three point shots viewed electronically (and to honor the request of one of your honored number), we are adjusting our Transcendent schedule and cancelling class tonight, March 23rd and rescheduling the next four weeks as follows:
Week Twelve — March 24—NO CLASS, transcend electronically w/ Jimmer

The Forum with Mark Zuckerburg 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Pregnant girl with her notebook and textbook in between her knees, scooting her purse on the floor with her feet, and a large bag trying to move from sink to paper towels in the bathroom
Timeouts in Basketball games (nerve wracking)
The millions and billions of worms on the sidewalk between work and campus
Trying to quit job A when job B  unexpectedly shows up that is so much better for me than job A.
The teacher subtly asking a student to turn off the light on her cellphone in a dark classroom and the student turns the light back on after the teacher starts walking away.

David's 88 on a hard test
Walking through a door to a huge crowd of people cheering and yelling YOU WIN! And getting a sticker slapped on your coat. For no apparent reason. Winning is cool.
David's Birthday!!
Dinner with old mission companions
A new job! The same project as David! We work together again! (if I can ever quit this bakery job…. )
The long haired (stoned looking) guy standing outside a boutique talking to his friend: "This is the place to buy Mother's Day crap…" in a stupor-ous drawl
Pi(e) day and its leftovers 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


            Most weeks Jamie and I get involved in some interesting (and a lot of the time just plain odd) conversations, but this last week may have been one of the most interesting. We talked for most of the week on eating disorders and blog posts. Jamie brought up a lot of stuff from her classes. I looked up a bunch online. We thought it would be nice to write about them if anyone was interested.

            Women in old paintings look completely different than the models and actresses that we see today. They look healthy, happy, and real. These artists truly believed that each of these women was beautiful. They were right.

            I loved this post guest post on C Jane. Janna Dean answers common misconceptions about eating disorders in a straightforward, unapologetic way that nearly anyone could understand. Then in the same manner gives a list of suggestions if you or someone you know has suffered with an eating disorder or body image problems.

EDIT: You also might want to check out these posts on the same blog. Healing the Body Image and Healthy Body Image for Our Children

            This entire blog is a fantastic resource on overcoming eating disorders and body image problems. Read any post tagged "Ned" or "Fed" or "End of Ned". You can start with this post. Or this one. Or how about this one. In fact, read everyone linked on this page.

            More than anything this week has changed the way that I look at people on campus and around town. I see all of these women who try to justify every little morsel of food that they eat by saying "I'm going to run today, so it's okay" or "I skipped breakfast, so I can eat this apple". It makes me sick to see these women looking down on themselves. It makes me wonder if they really know who they are: daughters of a King and therefore princesses and future queens. In every way they are beautiful and graceful.

            That reminds me of a few talks/articles that I wanted to post as well. I won't review them, but check the links out. You won't regret it. Also, if you know of any other resources feel free to let us know. Thanks!

Dieter F. Utchdorf - Your Happily Ever After

Katie May Hess - My Battle with Anorexia

Harold A. Front - The Thinness Obsession
             - This one is kind of old, but still an excellent resource.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Smoke alarm going off when the wrong burner was turned on for a while without us noticing
Running into your old boss while coming home from your NEW job
The person a few desks away in the library with LOUD, bad gas…
Walking into a bathroom to find a guy with his shirt off bathing in the sink.
Walking next to someone then realizing that he's marching
Having Lay's stax and making them look like a duck bill
The male professor telling my class that we had to leave because he reserved the room. We're in that room the same time every Tuesday and Thursday... how did he reserve it? As well as him trying to convince the class that they had to "find somewhere else to have their class"
Religion professor telling the class that if BYU loses to TCU he will jump off the back of the stadium.

Having a friend come over for dinner last night
Going to bed at 9:00 and 8:30 the last two nights
The baby in the stroller (with her mom) waiting for the walk signal with me waving at me
David bought me Daffodils. Lovely lovely lovely.
My professor telling us to leave because she was jealous we could get updates on the New Mexico/Colorado State game on our computers and she had to teach.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Sitting next to a girl who falls asleep in a documentary class and then watching her face as the professor asks her a question about the film she just slept through.
  • Playing a game online between classes and having an older lady say loudly, "Well, you're not studying are you?"
  • Sharing an answer to a quiz question then being the only person to miss said question (not me). 
  • David realizing that there was a benshi on Firefly (Ok, more nerdy than awkward)
  • The realization Monday afternoon that the test I finished was only the first of 3 for the week. 
  • This week being so crazy that I can't remember what or when we ate on the dishes that are out. 
  • The library security guard getting after us for having balloons. And telling us to leave. 
  • The smell of burned food/popcorn outside on our floor. Someone forgot about dinner.... 
  • Realizing after several hours that the reason your arm itches is because it has globs of eclair batter on it. Which doesn't want to come off. ow. 
  • The guy doing a very heartfelt dramatic interpretive dance to the music in his iPod in the middle of the food court 
  • Accidentally choosing the chair right above the cold air return? vent? in the testing center, then having to take your test while having cold air blowing on your feet. And having the guy next to you give you weird looks when you throw your coat on the floor and kick it around until you stop freezing. 

  • Getting praised for creating online flashcards for a test.
  • Releasing balloons in Brigham Sqaure as a pledge to speak out against abuse.
  • Having the TV screen in the testing center praise you two times in one week. ( It only gives "good job" "great work" etc. if you get like 90-93 or above.) 
  • The day that was supposed to be hectic at work ending up having nothing to do. 
  • Bacon. Random? yes. Awesome? Yes.
  • Finishing a skirt in my sewing class barely on time. 
  • Sunshine! then rain. Then more sunshine!