Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

1. The lady who honked at me to hurry up when I was walking home. She was trying to turn her big truck into a driveway about 30 ft. ahead of me. I was walking and she honked and waved me to hurry up and go ahead of her. So I had to speed walk while she waited with the big fat end of her truck blocking traffic.
2. That moment when somehow your body knows you are the farthest point from a bathroom and it decides that you have to go, NOW. For example, you get all the way into the back corner of the basement, start looking for what you need, then have to run back upstairs to go to the bathroom. Or, you get to the bottom of the 1/4 mile long hill headed home from school, and you realize Dang! I either have to go up the hill again, or just hurry the 1 1/4 miles home. Then of course your keys are lost in your backpack. Etc.
3. Getting caught steaming your front door by a neighbor who snuck up the stairs. (It was GROSS!!!)
4. Squeezing a lime wedge and having it backfire onto your shirt. 3 wedges in a row..
5. Having the dead water heater pee on your pants as you are carrying it up the stairs. (David says it brought back unpleasant memories from his childhood...)
6. Being told in Stake Conference that we need to be willing to kill for the scriptures, like Nephi did. Also, we need to keep said scriptures on a cookie sheet on top of our refrigerator. (?!)

1. Nearly having the shirt I am making for David be finished.
2. 7/11 Double Gulps.
3. Our new steamer. Its great. Super sale at Home Depot.
4. My sister shaving seconds off her time at every swim meet.
5.  It still hasn't snowed big yet!
6. Several classes being cancelled next week in anticipation for Thanksgiving
7. THANKSGIVING!!! My favorite holiday!!!