Thursday, November 11, 2010

On my mind

11:31am- An empty cookie jar is a sad thing.
11:36am- Does it still count as playing with your food if it isn't cooked yet?
12:35pm- Why do I need to go to marriage prep? I am already married!
1:15pm- Why is it so cold?
1:21pm- Woah! that leaf has been up in the air for the whole time this light has been green! (it promptly falls and gets run over by a car.)
4:01pm- My tongue is cold... and red. Yay for celebratory slurpees!
5:47pm- Tantrums are fun. Especially yelling flailing "I DON'T WANT TO STUDY" tantrums. Until my wedding ring hits David in the face. Then he isn't having as much fun. I don't think it bled....
5:52pm- Does beer taste anything like root beer?
6:40pm- Why does my thumb hurt?
7:03pm- Hungry hungry JAMIE! Ah! food!!!! please?
7:05pm- David loves me. He is making Macaroni and Cheese for dinner even though he doesn't like it. Aww, cute.
7:17pm- I don't need school.... Too bad that is a lie...
9:00pm- The cookie jar will be full before I go to bed :) Peanut butter cookies in the oven.

Today I am: A kitchen dancer. A user of the little bowls, just because. A neglectful student. A cheese eater. A dishwasher. Feeling better. Tired of (and because of) textiles. (I dreamed about fabric types). A tantrum-er. A fishy watcher. Hungry. Bored of studying. Ready to move on from College.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! You're so cute Jamie! :)
    I've never tasted it, but I had the pleasure of smelling it when I worked at Los Hermanos and I can assure you, beer tastes nothing like root beer. From what I can tell it's the equivalent of drinking bread that's been sitting in water for 3 weeks and has gone rancid. That's what it smells like anyway. ;)