Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Amazing, Super, Fantastic, Beautiful Food Processor of Death

So, this is David. I figure that Jamie posts all the time and I am supposed to be helping out with this whole maintaining the blog thing. (Side note, I feel like I just referred to our blog as some sort of a pet. Just saying).

Today, I'm going to talk about one of our favorite wedding gifts. The Amazing, Super, Fantastic, Beautiful Food Processor of Death. This thing is a beast. Capacity: 11 cups. It comes with a knife, bread kneader, slicer, and a grater. It has numerable safety features that keep you from chopping your hand off. I secretly suspect that it could throw the earth's orbit if left on too long. AND I'm pretty sure that if we transfered the engine to our car the our car would go faster. The best part: it can grate 2.5 pounds of cheese in about 30 seconds. Here is a short demonstration. (Notice the safety features in action.)
In more serious news my current projects are taking up too much of my time. I'm working on two research papers for classes. One of them on early anti-Mormon film. The second one on self representation in blogging. I'm also in the preproduction stages of filming a documentary on technology and being connected and I'm editing another documentary on The Sacred Grove. To top it off my computer is on the fritz and we're waiting on parts to get here so we can fix it.

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  1. Um...that food processor is AMAZING! Wow!! I want one!!!

    Good luck with your projects. I'm curious about the "self representation in blogging" paper. I've always had a hard time knowing how to represent myself on my own blog.