Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Sitting next to a girl who falls asleep in a documentary class and then watching her face as the professor asks her a question about the film she just slept through.
  • Playing a game online between classes and having an older lady say loudly, "Well, you're not studying are you?"
  • Sharing an answer to a quiz question then being the only person to miss said question (not me). 
  • David realizing that there was a benshi on Firefly (Ok, more nerdy than awkward)
  • The realization Monday afternoon that the test I finished was only the first of 3 for the week. 
  • This week being so crazy that I can't remember what or when we ate on the dishes that are out. 
  • The library security guard getting after us for having balloons. And telling us to leave. 
  • The smell of burned food/popcorn outside on our floor. Someone forgot about dinner.... 
  • Realizing after several hours that the reason your arm itches is because it has globs of eclair batter on it. Which doesn't want to come off. ow. 
  • The guy doing a very heartfelt dramatic interpretive dance to the music in his iPod in the middle of the food court 
  • Accidentally choosing the chair right above the cold air return? vent? in the testing center, then having to take your test while having cold air blowing on your feet. And having the guy next to you give you weird looks when you throw your coat on the floor and kick it around until you stop freezing. 

  • Getting praised for creating online flashcards for a test.
  • Releasing balloons in Brigham Sqaure as a pledge to speak out against abuse.
  • Having the TV screen in the testing center praise you two times in one week. ( It only gives "good job" "great work" etc. if you get like 90-93 or above.) 
  • The day that was supposed to be hectic at work ending up having nothing to do. 
  • Bacon. Random? yes. Awesome? Yes.
  • Finishing a skirt in my sewing class barely on time. 
  • Sunshine! then rain. Then more sunshine!


  1. I would probably pay to see the guy in the food court. People dancing/singing to themselves rock my socks.

  2. Well, there aren't many thing in this world that are more awesome than bacon (and I just spent one whole minute trying to think of things that were:)).

  3. been there in the testing center with the cold air... its worse when you dont fit into the desk... :D