Tuesday, March 15, 2011


            Most weeks Jamie and I get involved in some interesting (and a lot of the time just plain odd) conversations, but this last week may have been one of the most interesting. We talked for most of the week on eating disorders and blog posts. Jamie brought up a lot of stuff from her classes. I looked up a bunch online. We thought it would be nice to write about them if anyone was interested.

            Women in old paintings look completely different than the models and actresses that we see today. They look healthy, happy, and real. These artists truly believed that each of these women was beautiful. They were right.

            I loved this post guest post on C Jane. Janna Dean answers common misconceptions about eating disorders in a straightforward, unapologetic way that nearly anyone could understand. Then in the same manner gives a list of suggestions if you or someone you know has suffered with an eating disorder or body image problems.

EDIT: You also might want to check out these posts on the same blog. Healing the Body Image and Healthy Body Image for Our Children

            This entire blog is a fantastic resource on overcoming eating disorders and body image problems. Read any post tagged "Ned" or "Fed" or "End of Ned". You can start with this post. Or this one. Or how about this one. In fact, read everyone linked on this page.

            More than anything this week has changed the way that I look at people on campus and around town. I see all of these women who try to justify every little morsel of food that they eat by saying "I'm going to run today, so it's okay" or "I skipped breakfast, so I can eat this apple". It makes me sick to see these women looking down on themselves. It makes me wonder if they really know who they are: daughters of a King and therefore princesses and future queens. In every way they are beautiful and graceful.

            That reminds me of a few talks/articles that I wanted to post as well. I won't review them, but check the links out. You won't regret it. Also, if you know of any other resources feel free to let us know. Thanks!

Dieter F. Utchdorf - Your Happily Ever After

Katie May Hess - My Battle with Anorexia

Harold A. Front - The Thinness Obsession
             - This one is kind of old, but still an excellent resource.


  1. Thanks for posting all this! It's nice to be more aware of so much that is happening in terms of body-image, etc. Especially since I'm the mother of two sweet girls, who (scary as it is to think they will grow up too fast) will someday be women. Thanks! :)