Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Pregnant girl with her notebook and textbook in between her knees, scooting her purse on the floor with her feet, and a large bag trying to move from sink to paper towels in the bathroom
Timeouts in Basketball games (nerve wracking)
The millions and billions of worms on the sidewalk between work and campus
Trying to quit job A when job B  unexpectedly shows up that is so much better for me than job A.
The teacher subtly asking a student to turn off the light on her cellphone in a dark classroom and the student turns the light back on after the teacher starts walking away.

David's 88 on a hard test
Walking through a door to a huge crowd of people cheering and yelling YOU WIN! And getting a sticker slapped on your coat. For no apparent reason. Winning is cool.
David's Birthday!!
Dinner with old mission companions
A new job! The same project as David! We work together again! (if I can ever quit this bakery job…. )
The long haired (stoned looking) guy standing outside a boutique talking to his friend: "This is the place to buy Mother's Day crap…" in a stupor-ous drawl
Pi(e) day and its leftovers 

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