Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. A day that meant nothing to me two years ago... and in all honesty does not mean much except an excuse to go party with my wife. :D

But today was a good day. A great Valentine's Day. When the alarm went off at 4 AM I felt like breaking it. So did Jamie. We drug our feet out the door and Jamie made it to work. Then the fun began.

I picked up flowers for Jamie and the store even at 5 AM was swarming with men. It was riotous looking at all the guys perusing down the floral department and candy aisle looking for that perfect something for their others of significance. I checked out and went home. 

Normally by 8 when I am off to work or class I feel horrible. I'm tired, cranky, and annoyed by all the Provo drivers and pedestrians jumping in front of me. Today I was not. If I had a radio in the car I would have cranked it up. I found parking as close to work as I could. I finally got the files for the site I'm working on. I made major headway on the videos of both The Sacred Grove and the E. B. Grandin building. It was fantastic.

Moving on. Presentation in class. Test for Jamie. Which... she nailed. 89% on her test (160 questions, 19 pages, completely filled a bubble-sheet... I know, right?). 

So we went home to celebrate. Jamie saw the flowers and said (and I quote), "OooooOoo, Pretty." When we got home we found out that I've got a half tuition scholarship for Spring/Summer (I'm not sure if I'm going, but I may end up taking a couple fun classes). 

We enjoyed Brick Oven for dinner (thanks Grandma and Boppie!) And now we're off to bed. This became much longer that it should have. So to finish it off Jamie would like everyone to know "It's bedtime... mugwump."

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