Friday, February 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome... Friday

The fifteen minute conversation we had about cleavage in a class of mine (David)
That weird little dance when you think that someone is going to walk past you on one side and they are really going the other way
The weird accents my professor uses when she is talking about anywhere else other than the U.S.
Guys who put their socked feet on the chair next to you
Realizing that the cookies you made for your friends are pretty much gone
Going to a singles ward as a married couple because our ward building flooded. 

Finding Nemo fruit snacks on sale

Getting the last batch of butterscotch brownies
A class cancelled for the week
Realizing that since most of the cookies are gone, there aren't enough to give away, so you get to finish them off
Discovering the show Firefly
Getting a ride home on the day that David is in class ALL DAY

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