Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little Things

Yesterday was a day of small good news things. Most of them are things that save us money in some way or another.

The first bit of good news came when I went to an alterations appointment yesterday for my wedding dress. I went, put on my dress, and found my seamstress. She looked at me and told me that the dress fit me perfectly and I didn't need anything changed. This meant no alterations! That saved us about $40! I am so glad that my trend of wearing formal dresses off the rack continued beyond prom dresses. The store is fixing a broken zipper, doing a bead check, and cleaning/steaming my dress. I get to go pick it up in about 2 weeks. VERY excited.

On the way to the dress store, I picked up David at the mechanics. His car has been pretty loud since he bumped a curb. We had my dad look at it and they decided that it was something involving the right front strut. David took it to the mechanic and they called us a couple hours later saying that the strut wasn't broken like we feared, it was just loose! They tightened it and only charged for labor. They are awesome and don't try to sell things that aren't really needed, but just tell you if something might become a problem eventually, like lights. After replacing a couple bulbs and paying for the labor of tightening the strut, car repairs were only $30 instead of the feared/expected $150-$250.

David's Uncle was passing through town for work and met up with us to say hi. After we had lunch with him, he gave us an early wedding present which will help when we need to buy stuff for the apartment when David moves in before the wedding.

In an attempt to save some money, David and I designed our own announcements. We got a sample printed at Costco to make sure things looked good off of the screen. Good thing that we did; Costco printing has a small crop, which meant that the edges were cut off. Glad we discovered this before printing all of them. We asked the Photo guy what we needed to do to make it fit. He explained, then showed us a deal they have going where we could get larger (6x7.5) announcements with envelopes for about $110 instead of getting 5x7's without envelopes for $159. Bigger and cheaper is always better.

We found a cheap dry cleaner that we like that is pretty close to campus. David is getting his suit cleaned and then altered on Thursday. We also got to clean out David's car. I have never seen it totally clean since we started dating. It looks great and has a lot more room in it. I looked online with David and found a wedding ring for him that we both liked that I could easily afford. I am excited to see how it looks off the screen and in person.

To end the day, we made dinner for a friend of David's who got his appendix out this weekend. We had a good time eating with him and his sister and then watching the first bit of Fiddler on the Roof, which I had never seen.
All in all, it was a good day with lots of good things.

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